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Fox Geere - Digital Product Innovator

I work with mission-driven founders to rapidly imagine and build profitable digital products based on their intellectual property. Unlike my competitors I will get you in-tune with the voice of your customers through empathy mapping so you can develop digital products that really matter, and that your customers will adore.

Profitable Digital<BR>Products. <span style="color:#FFB951">Fast.</span>
About Me

Here's your Hippo.

If you ordered a pizza 🍕 but got given a Hippopotamus 🦛 you'd be quite surprised and still not have what you really wanted... a delicious pizza. If anything you now have many more problems than simply being hungry. This is effectively what companies do on a daily basis when they are not fully connected with their customers needs and have slipped into making way too many assumptions. If you then take these assumptions through to the digital products you build then you're setting yourself up for failure.

Successful companies like Apple and Disney use the Voice of the Customer (VoC) to visualise the gap between customer expectations and their actual experience with the business. They pay close attention to what their customers are saying. They know that business metrics like revenue and churn tell only a part of the story. They understand that to know why customers make certain decisions, it's critical to understand the customer's perspective.

Trusted by businesses such as Filofax, Genius Within, The Customer First Group, Raw Living, Carluccios, Haven Holidays and Pentel I spend my time improving their people, systems, tools and processes in a way that channels their intellectual property into new innovative products and fosters continued business growth. Identifying the issues, providing the solutions and training companies and their owners to take care of themselves is a passion and task that I take very seriously while having fun along the way.


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