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Ineffective training can cost businesses a staggering £10 million a year for every 1,000 employees. It doesn’t matter if you’re the most engaging trainer or have the most compelling course content; if the students in your corporate training are thinking about their emails or having to dive out of each training session to answer calls, then the training, however good, will be ineffective. Instead, training providers need to focus their attention on providing the right training for the ‘always-on’ employee. This is where digital products come in. 

The goal of a truly great digital product is to serve your users in a way that feels complimentary to their needs rather than dictating them. Your digital product should be their Yoda so that they are Skywalker.

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Why Are Digital Products So Effective?

Digital training products can cover a wide range of options. A common choice is eLearning where you can sell one-off classes, courses or training memberships. Solutions could also include virtual workshops, toolkits, eBooks and workbooks, training apps and educational games. 

Digital products provide a way for busy, always-on learners to get the training they need in methods that are easier for them to access. Digital products can be available 24/7. Furthermore, they will still be there to pick up, even if a more pressing matter gets in the way. With a wealth of digital products that training providers can utilise, there is a lot of business-boosting potential. 

So, if you don’t already have a digital products strategy, how can you convince the CEO that digital products are the future for your training business?

Five Reasons To Create Training Digital Products

Sell while you sleep

Your calendar will only have limited space for course bookings, whereas selling digital products has no such restrictions. You can sell digital products even when you’re not at your desk or while you’re running a training course. You’ll never run out of stock or oversell. 

If you consider that the eLearning market in the UK is already worth over £565 million and growing rapidly, it is a significantly lucrative market to tap into. 

Tap into the microlearning trend

Microlearning is training where one learning objective can be completed in a lesson of fewer than five minutes. It means the content is short, focussed and impactful. It should also be accessible across a range of devices through different formats. Digital microlearning is excellent for learners as it can fit around their busy schedule. 

Outshine your competitors

Research suggests that 93% of professionals want to integrate learning and work, while only 15% of providers are delivering this. By tailoring your training content through engaging digital solutions, you can offer your clients something unique. This can give you a competitive edge against other training providers. 

Bigger customer base

Being able to offer your training content in a range of digital formats means that you can attract more customers. For example, if you focus on B2B, digital solutions mean that you can adapt your training for B2C and the individuals that want to invest in their personal growth. 

More data for your advantage

The use of digital products, whether you sell them or offer them for free as a marketing exercise, can help you to collate invaluable customer data and feedback. With this, you can continue to create tailored and personalised content that will attract and retain customers. 

So, if you’re looking for ways to grow your business and meet the demands of your customers, digital products can offer impressive results.  

The fly in the ointment for many though is that digital product innovation is deeply linked to the ability to reach into your target users minds and bring back what is good, what is beautiful, what is useful, what is lasting and most importantly what is really needed. So before you build anything at all your very first step should always be to listen.

Ready to build or improve your own?

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