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You and your business simply will not scale unless you have a clear vision, a great strategy and the right people asking the right questions.

I carefully understand how you and your business work. Then together we establish a roadmap for growth that is tailored to your ambitions.


I believe in the power of connection. This means doing whatever we can to have real discussions and is why this website is intentionally light on content. If you'd like to start a powerful connection with me I would value the opportunity.

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What's the thing that gets me up every day? The opportunity for serendipity. More specifically it is when I get to talk to someone new about what drives them, what their ambitions are for their business and then finally... an incredible magic moment happens and we realise that it is serendipitous that we are sat in that room, in that moment as we strike gold. They are left with not just an exciting vision of what's next for them and their company, but absolute certainty that I can help them get there. Sure, this doesn't happen every time, but then again I don't work with just anyone. For me it is just as important that I KNOW I can be of value to you as it is for you to be sure of me. Having done this for over a decade I am certain you'll be certain when that happens.

Are you looking to develop yourself or your business? Do you have a product or service you are dreaming of, planning or evolving but are struggling to really clarify the next steps for growth? We should talk.

I can help you define your vision, uncover new revenue sources, solve development roadblocks, choose technology solutions, simplify your processes, evolve your features and plan a path for sustainable, accelerated growth.

I have a long history of launching products, scaling businesses and consulting giants such as IBM, Filofax and Kyocera. This makes me uniquely placed to avoid risk and see opportunity where others can't. More importantly, I can ask the questions no one else will and really get into why your business should exist and what will make it a success.

I run exciting workshops and business opportunity audits through to large scale 'done for you' services. But it always starts the same way, with a personal one-to-one discovery workshop. This is a unique meeting where we discover if we'll be a perfect fit. I'll find out if I am excited by what you're up to and you'll find out if you think I can help. I only take on a limited number of clients at any one time. Even then it is via invite and referral only as who I work with is incredibly important to me. As such it is essential that I am certain I can bring you value and that you absolutely feel the same way too.

Sharing the passion

"One word: outstanding. I don’t give out that accolade often. But Fox has always delivered great technical and commercial acumen, ahead-of-the-curve strategic advice and excellent service delivery. I wholly and enthusiastically recommend him."

"Fox very successfully managed to catalyse and help to consolidate my needs and purpose with both my business and personal mission. He demonstrated instinctive accuracy and intuitive understanding of what was going on under my bonnet!"

"Fox has a great approach to supporting those in and around his community. When meeting he offers engaging questions, quality thoughts and ideas along with an up beat approach."

"Fox is that impossibly rare breed of person - technically switched on, totally customer-focused, and is a joy to work with. He's one sharp, smart guy and you feel immensley empowered to have him on your side."

"Most people have a silo view of their industry, Fox is the guy who see's the bigger picture while also understanding the fundamental parts. For anyone considering engaging his services I highly recommend you do it TODAY!"

Due to the nature of discussions and because I help some high profile individuals and companies, names are not included. But personal introductions to the references can be made for validation and due diligence if required.

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Every day I get up to see how I can serve others. Or rather, how I can help you. I know that having deep, enlightening and powerful conversations can transform lives and businesses in so many ways. Even more so when these are on the products and services that could shape our future.

My vision is that everyone should and CAN be the very best version of themselves and that the businesses they create and the people they lead should reflect their ambitions. This benefits everyone.

We all have it within us to build, do and achieve amazing things, but we can only soar as high as we are familiar with.

I dedicate my life to elevating amazing people and incredible people and their businesses to new heights. I am passionate about making you the leader of tomorrow that the world so desperately needs alongside the business of tomorrow that can literally change the world.

I believe in you! So, let me ask...

How can I best serve you today?

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Current Projects

Product Consultancy.
Coaching Leaders.
Co-founder of
Director of EKO UK.
EIGA Comms Committee Member.
Mentoring Businesses.
Writing my new book.

Executive Business Coaching

Professional, high impact one-to-one coaching.


Consultancy and mentoring for scaling businesses.

Motiviational Speaking

Giving talks globally on leadership in technology and personal growth for a better world.

My dear, here we must run as fast as we can, just to stay in place. And if you wish to go anywhere you must run twice as fast as that.

Lewis Carroll Alice in Wonderland

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I am always glad to hear from anyone that I have connected with or anyone that believes we can have a positive change on the world by becoming a better leader or building better businesses.

Forms aren't for everyone, so you can also email me directly on fox@foxgeere.com


Thank you for taking the time to write. While I may not reply, I do read every email that I get and relish every single one.

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I like to share my discoveries and thoughts around innovative digital products, technology sector leadership, scaling up (both professionally and personally) and occasionally share new tools and products I have developed.

If that sounds exciting to you and you believe that together we can make the world a better place, then let's connect below.

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