For me it isn’t about 2021. It’s about 2030 and beyond. We have to meet the Global Goals (Video at the end of this post) by 2030 for us to survive. To that end I will continue to ensure that my own thinking is positioned to think in generations instead of years. 

One good outcome of the pandemic is a gentle but noticeable reminder that we are all impacted by things at a planetary scale, but that we can also respond and feed that impact, nudging it the right way through better actions. 

As we exit this madness that is the pandemic & we see flights, travel and business resume, it is up to all of us to ensure we nudge it the right way instead of just back to where we were. This time around however, I truly feel the message is getting through. 

Renewables are becoming the smarter investment. The money will follow & the impact will follow that. This is the first global example of my own mission coming to life… to make it impossible to do bad business. It shouldn’t matter what choice we have to make for our own needs, the impact should always end up as a net positive for the world… even if that wasn’t our main motivator. 

I truly believe that business for good is the answer. Alongside regenerative tourism (which thankfully is seeing continued interest and growth). 

We can do this. 
Let’s do this.