Looking for an inspiring speaker for conferences and events? Need a panel member to talk on how understand what people need and how to plan, build and scale businesses that make life better? Perhaps insight on how to serve customers exceptionally and put purpose before profit? Perhaps you want your team to better understand the needs of your customers? I'm happy to build up talks and workshops around your specific needs, as long as fundamentally it is about putting people at the centre of the conversation.

Talking at Natwest
Talking at Natwest

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I cover:

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    Product Innovation

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    Thingifying Ideas

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    Customer Experience

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    Leadership & Teams

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    Business for Good

The essence of business will always be about people and how they live. It's not B2B or B2C it's Human to Human. The companies that really get that are the ones that are thriving. That's not to say that profit is a dirty thing... far from it. Rather it's about creating 'margin for meaning' that provides a company with fuel for growth without sacrificing the people they exist to serve.

I love to talk about the realities of what makes for an attractive, civilised, meaningful culture that extends out from your organisation and absolutely includes your customers at the heart. Sharing the practical application of The Voice of The Customer (VoC) is centre to all of this and can bring dramatic shifts in perspective for your attendees. Indeed it can create the spark that grows into outstanding digital innovation.

It's not always just about people of course. Many of my happiest days are spent helping companies draw on the VoC to dream up new life-changing products before helping to rapidly 'thingify' them and put the ideas in the hands of your teams and your customers. This more workshop type of presentation can bring a lot of engagement and critically an awful lot of practical value.

From empathy mapping to rapid innovation, I can craft a perfect-fit talk, presentation or workshop for your needs that will leave people energised, inspired and ready to take action.