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As a CEO or business leader, it’s important that you ask the right questions.

This means crafting questions that are intelligent and creative, as well as clear and concise.

With the right question, you can gain insight into how your company is doing, what areas need to be improved upon, and how to drive results in the future.

Here’s how to take your first steps into designing a high-quality question.

Make Sure Your Objective Is Clear

Before formulating a question, decide exactly what information you want to gain from it.

Clarity is key when crafting a good question—without clarity, it’s impossible for your team members to answer accurately and thoroughly.

Start by asking yourself what you hope to learn from the answers given in response to your question.

Once you have this figured out, you can begin developing an effective question that will help you reach your desired outcome.

Structure Your Question Intelligently

The structure of your question should be straightforward yet comprehensive enough for the respondents to clearly understand what information they should provide.

Questions should always be framed in such a way that encourages a detailed response—avoid using yes or no questions whenever possible.

Additionally, try not to make assumptions when asking questions; instead of making an assumption about someone else’s experience or behavior, phrase the topic as an open-ended inquiry so that respondents can freely express their thoughts on the matter without feeling pressure or bias from your end.

Be Specific When Necessary

When necessary, make sure that any pertinent details are included in your question so that respondents have all of the information they need up front.

This will ensure that everyone who answers is giving accurate information based on the same set of criteria and expectations—allowing for more insightful responses and valuable data points across the board.

It also reduces the amount of back-and-forth needed between yourself and those providing answers so everyone has a clearer idea of what’s being asked for quickly and efficiently.

Don’t Only Do This Once

Designing high quality questions takes practice but with some thoughtful consideration and strategic planning, it isn’t hard to craft intelligent inquiries with clear objectives in mind.

Make sure your objective is clear before formulating any type of question; structure each inquiry intelligently; and if necessary, include specific details upfront so respondents can provide accurate responses without additional clarification or follow-up from yourself or others involved in answering them.

By following these steps carefully when designing high quality questions, you can ensure better insight into how your company is performing while also driving positive results moving forward!

One of my favourite things is working with CEOs and teams to uncover new questions that expand thinking and increase opportunities.

Once you capture the ‘bug’ of designing higher quality questions it becomes addictive but also a superpower that amplifies change, growth and outcomes.

I am always on the hunt for incredible questions, so if you have some favourites please feel very welcome to share those with me.

Instant Action Today

Consider a problem you are trying to solve. Instead of asking ‘how will I solve this’ instead ask ‘who might I possibly know that could provide insight on solutions’.

Now send them a note. Connect them to why it is valuable for you to solve the problem and invite them to provide advice, guidance or ideas.

It’s amazing how much humans LOVE to be asked for advice. Use that to your advantage. But be sure to say thank you of course.