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Rather than tell you all about myself, instead I’d love to offer the space to some of the most wonderful people I have ever had the privilege of spending time with…

“I love working with Fox for so many reasons – his creativity, his values, his process skills – including the best use of a whiteboard I have ever seen – his end-user client focus and so much more.”

Andy Gilbert – Go MAD Thinking

“Fox has revolutionised not only the way that I work, but the way that I THINK.

His endless energy and enthusiasm coupled with a firm dose of realism means he miraculously guides you to your best and most valuable thoughts and ideas without disregarding any part of your process, ideas or plans.

I don’t know how he does it- pure magic.

I have the confidence to speak up, and the faith in myself that Fox definitely restored- and now even when things get a bit negative I remind myself- seek first to understand.

There is always a lesson.

In both professional and personal capacities he can help you find your joy and your passion- if you’re unsure what to do (now more than ever) he is 100% worth talking to and working with.”

Victoria Jenkins – Fashion Disrupter / Unhidden

“Fox has been my professional coach since September when I first made my plans for my own academy known to the world. I could not have asked for a better mentor by my side. Besides his never ending enthusiasm and interest in your story, he genuinely wants you to succeed. He is a extremely fast thinker and only needs a few words to analyse the situation and give you solid advice that is very fitting for you and the situation you are in. He is very knowledgeable on any business matter, and at the same time open to new ideas and a great learner. This abundance in talents and riches comes with a great sense of humor, creativity, modesty and integrity. I cannot recommended him enough!”

Loes Damhof – UNESCO Chair Futures Literacy

“I’ve grabbed Fox a few times to chat @GoodBusinessClub meet-ups, and he always has something valuable to add, even if you only get 5 minutes together. With this in mind, I can’t tell you how much Fox helped me last week when we scheduled an actual meeting. I was so stuck as to how to move forward with my work but Fox completely flipped a switch in me and helped me draw a line in the sand – quite literally – I was so motivated I cycled to the beach and drew a line in the sand after getting off the call. I can’t thank you enough Fox; It’s amazing to have you in my corner.”

Louise Harman – Louise on Death

“Fox has a natural born talent to communicate with passion, clarity and wisdom.”

Justin Rushmore – Bringing That Festival

“We need more people like you.”

Richard Branson – Virgin

“Fox brings out the best in everyone with his irrepressible good nature and exemplary leadership. He brings impressive strategic nous and a seemingly inexhaustible supply of ideas to everything he does. Fox’s positive outlook is infectious and often boosted my self-belief. Fox truly is an amazing listener, and was a generous, supportive coach and mentor who was a pleasure to work with.”

David McNair – Tilio

“As someone who created a business that has a purpose beyond making a profit, I’d struggled to find a coach that truly understood that. Meeting Fox was a breath of fresh air and working with him over the last 12 months has been critical to my growth and therefore the growth of my business.

When I started working with Fox I was focused on growing my business and wanted to get from me doing everything to hiring a team. What I got within a few months of working with Fox was just that.. and so much more.

Running a business is like putting yourself under a microscope – all your fears, insecurities, and strong suits are amplified. Working with fox has allowed me to create the space I needed to grow as an individual which has lead to the growth of my business and I couldn’t recommend him highly enough!


Sara Osterholzer – The Good Business Club / Second Voice Pro

“A pleasure working with Fox. He simply ‘gets it’! Has a unique ability to put himself in the shoes of his client and helps work towards their goals, which is ultimately also, his goal. Easy to engage with and incredibly intelligent!”

John Mackenzie – Osbourne Humphries

“Fox has a depth and range of skills which in my view is very unusual – he is commercially astute, has a strong visual eye, has sound technical knowledge and is a great communicator.

Fox’s clear passion for eMarketing gave great energy to WPM’s clients. His work to shape strategy and to execute campaigns was instructed by a detailed and timely knowledge of the very latest and best that eMarketing and SEO have to offer.

It’s very easy to work with Fox and his energy and humour rub off on everyone around him. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him or his work.”

Iain Lennon – WPM

“One word: outstanding. I don’t give out that accolade often, these days rarely. But Fox has always delivered great technical and commercial acumen, ahead-of-the-curve strategic advice and excellent service delivery over the course of the 10+ years I have known him. I wholly and enthusiastically recommend him.”

Robert Hokin – Venture Capital for NetZero, Cleantech, Earthtech and Oceantech

“I have personally worked with Fox on a number of projects and can wholeheartedly recommend him as someone who is both adept at identifying specific need and providing a holistic solution to any problem. His understanding of business, leadership and coaching provide him with a unique skill set which is hard to replicate. An inspirational speaker and genuine free thinker, with the ability to marry it with focused delivery and transformation. A real asset to any company.”

Jamie Clark – Bamboo Nine

“By taking the time to understand my field of work and my journey so far, Fox has shared his expert advice on many different approaches to improve time management and implement a strategy that is consistent and works! Fox’s style of mentoring, directs and prompt me to ask questions to myself, which lead me to a deeper understanding of any challenges I face. From there, it’s great to hear Fox’s input in new approaches that perhaps I had not considered before or perhaps a change of mindset.

I would describe Fox as an exceptionally motivating and inspiring individual and I am grateful for his support so far. I would highly recommend Fox’s services.”

Emma Anastasi – Founding Director

“Fox is that impossibly rare breed of person – technically switched on, totally customer-focused, and is a joy to work with. He’s one sharp, smart guy and you feel immensley empowered to have him on your side. Boundless energy and positivity radiate from the chap.”

Max Vinall – Creative Director & Founder | Purmön

“Fox volunteered to support B1G1’s UI development efforts simply because he wanted to make a difference to our global giving initiative. Throughout the process, he was extremely patient, encouraging, and generous. Fox provided excellent suggestions in both the broad direction and the fine details of the interface, and he delivered them on-demand and at lightning speed. His razor-sharp inputs have empowered our work to truly “level up” and he constantly inspires us with his imagination. Fox tops all of this off with a very humble disposition – I have not only found an advisor but also a friend in him. I am deeply grateful for the privilege to work with Fox, and hope there’ll be more of such opportunities to come!”

Sharon Chan – B1G1

“Fox is a rare breed – a highly accomplished and competent web designer and technical specialist who not only only understands the mechanics of how things works but can explain it all in clear and concise everyday words. Thoroughly recommended.”

Adam Barber – CEO @ Tamarindo

“I was fortunate to be invited on a panel with Fox at the NatWest Accelerator (Brighton) looking at what makes great teams in business.

I learnt a lot from Fox’s thoughtful and passionate approach to the topic, in particular his impressive presentation and engagement with the audience during the Q&A.

Best of all I have made a strong like-minded contact who I feel will go on to do great work in this space!”

Anthony McGaw – Co-founder AOB and Litmus Games

“Fox has a very unique talent in that he can engage with pretty much any audience. Whether he is speaking to a room of developers or a room of CEOs, he can speak their language.

I have been lucky enough to work along side Fox for over 4 years now and throughout that time I’ve seen him speak publicly on many occasions and it still astounds me how versatile he is.

I have learnt a lot from Fox and wholeheartedly recommend him for any public speaking roles.”

Zaq Mughal – Liquid Light

“His belief in me and my company Very Tales was astonishing, just as his support and advice. Especially in the fragile beginning, this has proven invaluable. It’s easy to follow success, but it is much harder to be the first follower. That is what transforms the crazy idea into a movement with a crowd.

So if you a founder, entrepreneur, and purpose-driven and find yourself tangled up in all your thoughts and ideas, be sure to talk to Fox. He spots the gold in no time and helps you dig it up and use it for the better.”

Nicky Kreté – Behavioural Changemaker

“Fox is a total credit to this industry. He is switched on, focused, a smart thinker, incredibly knowledgable & eager to go out of his way to provide an incomparable service to all that are fortunate enough to work with him. His knowledge in this field is extensive, & however technical it may be, he possesses the skill to explain things in a way that anyone can comprehend. Fox is fun to work with yet focused & dedicated to getting results, and always delivers. I cannot recommend him any more highly. If you have the opportunity to work with him, then grab it with both hands, as he will exceed your expectations!”

Cher Pearce – Creative

If you might like to work with me I warmly welcome you to get in touch via LinkedIn.