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Have you ever heard of feedforward? It’s a concept developed by Marshall Goldsmith and is gaining traction in leadership circles.

Feedforward is a type of feedback that focuses on future-oriented behaviors and solutions rather than dwelling on past experiences and mistakes.

As a leader, it can help you to continuously improve your style while fostering team collaboration and trust.

Let’s take a closer look at what exactly feedforward entails and how you can use it to transform your approach to leading others.

The Difference Between Feedback vs Feedforward

Feedback is all about evaluating an individual’s performance in terms of past behavior while feedforward looks towards the future.

Feedback seeks to analyze the successes and failures from the past, while feedforward coaches individuals on how they might perform better in the future.

This shift in focus allows for a more positive, solution-oriented workplace culture where employees are empowered to actively participate in their own development process.

As a leader, you can use this concept to get your team members involved in creating their own goals as well as helping them assess their progress over time.

This encourages ownership of success and failure as well as encourages team collaboration when tackling new challenges.

Allowing each member of your team to contribute puts them in control of their successes which will ultimately help them grow both professionally and personally.

The Benefits of Feedforward

Using feedforward has numerous benefits for leaders and team members alike:

  • It provides an opportunity for everyone to give input and be heard rather than just having the leader provide direction or advice.
  • It helps foster collaboration among team members as everyone gets involved in problem solving together rather than just relying on one person’s opinion or experience.
  • It encourages ownership of success by allowing team members to create their own goals rather than being told what they should strive for.
  • It helps build trust between leaders and followers by showing that the leader values everyone’s input equally rather than just relying on themselves when making decisions or setting objectives.
  • It allows everyone to become more self-aware since they are actively involved in assessing their performance over time which will help them identify areas where they need improvement or can excel further.

Feedforward is an effective tool for any leader looking to bring out the best in their teams while fostering collaboration, trust, ownership and self-awareness among its members.

By embracing this concept, you can create an environment where everyone feels like they have a say in both successes and failures which will ultimately lead them down paths of growth both professionally and personally.

With feedforward, you have the power to transform your leadership style into one that prioritizes progress over perfectionism every single time!

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